5 Outstanding Yoga Poses for your Health

Yoga Poses

Yoga is an exhilaration for both physical and mental Health that has helped thousands of people maintain their physical and psychological well-being over the years. The benefits of yoga can be reaped by everyone, irrespective of age and gender. So even though you’re not a seasonal yoga practitioner, you can still get started with some of the most accessible yoga poses to improve your Health.

Note: It is essential to move slowly and gradually from one pose to another, with slow breathing. If you face difficulty or shortness of breath, you can pause for a while and continue your breathing returns to normal. It is also recommended to hold for 3 seconds in each pose before moving to the net one.

Downward facing

Downward facing dog/ Adho Mukha Shawanasana.

It is the easiest pose to start with, which will help strengthen your entire body, including arms, shoulders, back and calves, hamstrings, etc.

  • This pose is usually recommended for people suffering from back pain
  • People facing carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and wrist and joint pain can skip this pose.
  • It is essential to focus and distribute your weight evenly on your palm and feet by lifting your hips slowly.

Child’s pose/ Balasana

Everyone has done this pose at least once in their lifetime, with or without knowledge. Because of the calmness provided by the pose, it is also called the calming pose. It is done to gently stretch the back, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles and helps relax the spine, shoulder, and back.

  • It is done when you need a gentle stretch on the back of your body
  • People with knee injuries, ankle problems, and high blood pressure should skip this.
  • It is essential to focus on breathing when you’re in the pose.

Corpse Pose/Savasana

Most yoga classes end with this pose. It is when a person is stiffly lying on their back to promote even and proper blood flow in the body. Although some people cannot stay in this pose for a long time, when done right, it can help with relaxation.

  • You can do this pose any time in the day or night
  • You need to relax and take deep breaths while doing it for maximum benefits.


Tree pose/ Vrikshasana

This simple pose has enormous benefits. It helps strengthen the spine, core, thighs, ankles, and calves.

  • It is mainly done to enhance balance and is recommended for dancers
  • People with low blood pressure can skip this pose as it will affect their balance
  • Focus on your breath when in the posture to reap maximum benefits

Cobra pose/ Bhujangasana

It is a pose that relaxes and bends your back when you lay on the mat. It also helps strengthen back muscles and stretches the shoulders, abdomen, and chest.

  • It is best for strengthening
  • People with a back injury, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome can avoid it
  • It is also essential to keep your navel on the floor while doing this pose.
5 Outstanding Yoga Poses for your Health

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