Author : Phillip

Yoga for Stress Management

Introduction Generally, yoga is the journey to the self with the help of different techniques. It connects the soul and mind to the universe with complete gratitude. It ensures both physical and mental health. In this modern era, the one thing we cannot eliminate is “stress.” Irrespective of people’s age, everyone faces stressful situations of […]

Ways to Find Mindfulness through Yoga

The objective of yoga is to achieve mindfulness. But the word itself is scary, particularly if you suffer from anxiety or stress that limits mindfulness. Here we give some fool-proof ways to achieve mindfulness at ease. Let’s first understand how yoga gives mindfulness. Relationship between mindfulness and yoga Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t consciously […]

The Disconnect Between Tradition And Contemporary Practice In Yoga

Introduction Your body and mind come together while performing yoga. As humans, we cannot deny that yoga is the art and science of healthy living. It brings mental and physical disciplines together to attain peace and harmony in all walks of life. Moreover, we can find a trace of yoga from the Indus valley civilization. […]

How to Start a Yoga Business

Yoga is a booming business, with more than one entrepreneur entering this field, and the number of customers is also increasing daily. However, running a yoga studio can be intimidating as it requires time, research, and resources. Here are the steps that have to be followed to establish a well-flourishing yoga business. Get Yoga Certification […]

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