How Yoga can Lengthen your Lifespan


Anti-aging hacks are hardly new. Legend says that Queen Cleopatra used donkey milk to extend her youthful glow throughout her life. Recent studies say that our average life expectancy has risen from 50-75 over the last century- the drive to stay on the earth has also become much higher. But now, science has finally caught up to provide the best answer to whether Yoga is the secret to a long, healthy, and youthful life. You can also increase your health span and lifespan with the use of specific yoga practices.

Effects of Yoga

Effects of Yoga on one’s longevity

The practice of Yoga has centuries of history followed by our ancient humans. No matter your skill level or the type of Yoga you practice, it can do wonders for your health. Regular Yoga and meditation provide many benefits like stress relief, a calm mind, stronger muscles, and overall well-being and happiness, which are all fundamental factors for longevity.

Mental Health

When our mental health is in good shape, we can better deal with stress and anxiety—which impact aging and longevity. Yoga also teaches us to be more focused on ourselves. Some even think of yoga sessions as therapy sessions, which we have medically proved to lower blood pressure and increase life span.

Yoga also makes us self-aware of the changes happening inside ourselves, which stimulates us to take good care of ourselves.

Flexibility and Balance

Yoga expands the physical limit of our body and may also ease aches and pains in old age. Maintaining our flexibility and range of motion into our senior years can also keep our bodies healthy and increase our quality of life.

Yoga incorporates different kinds of asanas, including the basic balancing poses. With better balance comes increased communication between the two hemispheres of the brain and a much more confident and sure-footed way to enter our older years.

Weight loss and Digestion

Yoga can help people gain control over themselves and their food choices, which encourages people to exercise regularly and eat healthily.

Weight loss

Yoga also strongly emphasizes breathing techniques which provide increased oxygenation of the body. In addition, some poses, particularly the twisting asanas, stimulate the digestive tract, improving Digestion.

Summing up

According to many researches, the benefits of Yoga are tangible. For example, continuous yoga practice will help lower blood pressure and is the best method for physical and mental therapy sessions. Let this article be a good source of motivation to take up yoga practices seriously for its abundance of good values. By reading this article, you can also get started with yoga practices to lead a healthier and happier life.

How Yoga can Lengthen your Lifespan

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