Mind-Blowing Facts about Yoga Everyone Should Know


Yoga helps the mind, body, and soul. It is also true that there are lots of benefits to Yoga. Today, let us know some exciting facts on Yoga here.

  1. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yug.’ It means attachment or addition. So Yoga is ultimately the attachment or union of the soul with Paramatma, purush, or God.
  2. Yoga isn’t just about physical exercises. Yoga aims to allow the free flow of prana or breathing through the body. Prana in Sanskrit also means ‘vital life’ or the ‘life force of the universe.’ You become aligned with the universe through Yoga.
  3. Although different types of Yoga benefit different body parts, Kundalini yoga gives superhuman powers. All humans possess the five Clair senses. Yoga activates the primary seven chakras of the human body, allowing activation and manifestation of these senses.
  4. In addition to a clear sense of the world, Yoga also facilitates a clear sense of the inner self. To achieve a better mind, body, and soul, Yoga balances the basic set-up of the human body. It balances the Vata-pitta-Kapha doshas, which constitute the human body. They rule hormones, temperament, and essential human traits.


  1. Yoga can be fun. Yes, along with strenuous exercises and religious practices, new yoga types introduce fun factors too. There is dog yoga where you can partner up with puppies. The aim here is to make you happy, that’s it—along with getting healthy.
  2. You can’t do Yoga with physical challenges or during temporary setbacks. No. Yoga is for all. There are simpler yoga asanas to include people. You can do an eagle pose by sitting down also to reap the benefits. And pregnancy can’t stop you. Prenatal Yoga explicitly helps women go through childbirth at ease.
  3. Yoga is for women. Yes and no. Initially, only men practiced Yoga. That is why all the founding people of different types of Yoga were men. Originating in India, only men were sent to schools or practiced skills. Women joined later.
  4. Yoga is a way of life. A person practicing Yoga is called a ‘yogi’ and ‘yogini,’ representing man and woman, respectively. They practice the teachings of the guru or initiator of their ‘dhyana,’ meditation. Only the guru does the ‘Deeksha’ or activation of life source. This event can be life-altering and have profound implications. Post this procedure; people become aware of their energy flow. It is not mandatory to be a vegetarian or vegan. But being one will help notice the energy flow well.
  5. The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated every June 21st since 2015. Every year a theme is announced, and for 2022, India announced ‘Yoga for humanity. India has also included Yoga as a part of the Olympics as of 2016.
Mind-Blowing Facts about Yoga Everyone Should Know

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