How Yoga Became a Must Pandemic Companion for All?


A sudden pandemic and a series of lockdowns have taken more toll on our mental health than the so-feared virus attack. Away from social life, family time, and traveling freedom, we all have faced quite a trauma and depression in solitude. If you aren’t aware, yoga has been one of the faithful companions that helped many people cope with foreseen situations. If you haven’t yet started, explore how yoga can help you to face the pandemic confidently.

Reduces mental stress

Solitude without social interaction is the biggest criminal resulting in stress. Nonetheless, the sudden demand for work-from-home culture in every industry has also led to a tangled lifestyle with people ending up in stress.

mental stress

Yoga is one famous therapy, slow and steady in execution but the one perfectly calming a stressed mind. Whether it’s the effortless Pranayama or the active Hatha yoga, the exercises are designed to reduce mental stress and anxiety. Not more than half an hour, a constant practice of mental concentration through yoga can easily defeat the stress to cope with any situation.

Ensures fitness when you are stuck indoors

Strict lockdowns of parks and gyms have made people literal couch potatoes, now even reluctant to move for their own work. Strenuous workouts and regular home exercises can’t be for all due to a massive change in our lifestyle.

Say, if you are used to jogging or swimming, you can find it hard when you don’t have an option at home. Instead of starting a different challenging exercise, yoga can be the best option to keep your body fit. You can start with simple mat asanas and then advance to physically demanding ones like Hot yoga, Power yoga, or Ashtanga yoga practices.

Covid patients could recover quick

Given it’s a world pandemic, the persistent mutations of Covid have almost stuck each and every one with the virus. On top of health ailments, the isolation and fear of hospitalization crumble many people worsening their situation.

Covid patients

Yogic meditation, like Ashtanga yoga concentration, can benefit recovering patients to beat mental stress and spiritually strengthen themselves for a quick recovery. Asymptomatic patients or those with mild symptoms can also try simple breathing exercises or restorative yoga to strengthen themselves quickly.

Helps accustom to work-from-home culture

Apart from the affected, those stuck with a remote job can also struggle to balance their work and family life. With more household chores and less external help, the tedious schedule often leads to burnout and fatigue for many.

Practicing yoga every day can develop a relaxed and disciplined work-life routine along with ample entertainment. Even a single exercise session like that of Sun Salutations can be helpful to intellectually strengthen yourself for adjusting your office at home without comprising with your family life.

Helps follow a productive routine

Unforeseen health ailments, uninformed office meetings, or a sudden demand to attend a friend or family can easily havoc our lifestyle amidst this crisis. If our mindset and personality aren’t strong enough to support the requirements, we might just increase the trouble. Yoga for personality development can strengthen us physically and mentally to support our society, similar to the hard-working frontline workers.

How Yoga Became a Must Pandemic Companion for All?

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