The Attitude of Modern People to Yoga


This beautiful verse from the holy scripture of Bhagavat Gita explains the sole purpose of Yoga- “Yoga is considered as one of the best journeys of the self, through the self, to the self.” This means that with the process of Yoga, people are able to celebrate their life and realize themselves with the help of specific asanas and techniques.

Taking time out for oneself is an underrated luxury in the modern world. The need to balance family and work is what everyone is concerned about. Moreover, the stress caused by unsettling worries often leads to an imbalance in one’s personal life that leads to making harsh decisions. Eventually, this led modern humans to seek to flush out their inner toxins to achieve peace and self-healing. That’s how Yoga was reborn and popularised into the modern world, which is now followed in various countries as a method of mental therapy.


Benefits of Yoga

People running behind money to make their life secure is an opportunity cost, i.e., losing our peace of mind. This is where Yoga acts as a bridge between the body and the mind, and the good vibes we get from it heal the discovery of self. Yoga’s numerous benefits are significant in social, spiritual, and psychological ways. Many studies conducted between people who practice Yoga and meditation and those who do not show a significant difference in their brain structures and the way they think and respond to various stressful situations in life.

 The reason behind the growing popularity of Yoga

Yoga is a healing process that is an amalgam of different meditation in relaxation techniques. Yoga is also beneficial to calm the mind and enhance concentration, bringing about emotional ability. It plays a significant role in reducing emotional and stressful baggage and is also helpful in curing behavioral disorders, nervous breakdowns, and maniac depression. There is just one condition for all people – everyone should practice consistently and carefully to achieve a complete transformation. However, like any other practice, Yoga also demands immense dedication and attention to attain mastery.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a disguised blessing because not only the people stopped running behind earthy riches, but they learned the precious value of their lives and valued the truth that the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to survival. Yoga acted as a portal to increase one’s power and helped people seek mental peace and satisfaction, especially during tough times. Seeking the benefits of Yoga as a simple alternative to harmonizing oneself with the world. The WHO mentioned Yoga as a medium to enhance health in its ‘Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018- 2030: more active people for a healthier world.’

Wrapping up

The treasures of Yoga have now travelled throughout the globe, and now it is being implemented by many countries as a mandatory in their daily routine. Sometimes, Yoga reflects our lives, which humans first discovered over 5000 years ago. Being able to stay the same and change simultaneously is, in fact, the very nature of popularity.

The Attitude of Modern People to Yoga

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