Types Of Yoga You Can Try


Yoga hails from the ancient Indian practices dating over 5000 years ago. Yoga in centers or through online sessions is now available for different variations and combinations to choose suitable workouts for all. Check ahead the different yoga variations currently in practice to choose your suitable style.

Meditation for a stress-free life

The simplest yet most powerful form of yoga is meditation. Different breathing exercises of Vipassana yoga, Kundalini yoga, or even walking meditation can help develop a spiritual and focussed mind.


It can help maintain a stress-free life and explore our capabilities more to act productively. Meditation is suitable for all age groups, can be done with or without objects for concentrating, and can be for various periods depending on people’s comfort and concentration.

Hot yoga for a fit body

If meditation can purify the mind, Hot yoga can challenge burning calories for physical purification. Also known as Bikram yoga, these sessions are performed in a hot and humid environment at around 100 degrees Celcius. These stretching, bending, and twisting postures in an extremely hot environment can increase our metabolism and burn more calories due to sweating. Additionally, the hot temperature is also helpful to stay active, whereas a cold atmosphere can drag us to lethargy.

All-rounder Surya Namaskars or Sun Salutations

Yoga of any type or category has thousands of asanas, each with modifications for beginners to the advanced. It is highly essential to follow the instructions considering your physical capacity to avoid any adverse effects. If searching for all the suitable ones is a tedious job, you can opt for single exercise yoga, the sun salutations.

Sun Salutations

This cycle of twelve powerful yoga postures can simply become a strenuous workout if you repeat it multiple times. You can set the pace and number of cycles suitable to your strength to work out continuously. These Surya Namaskars are thus best to improve internal health, flexibility, and toning our muscles.

Power or Aerial yoga for activity

Do you always find yoga slow and boring? If you are an active player, Power yoga or Aerial yoga is the best for you. Power yoga is a modern mixture of Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa yoga having demanding and fast-paced exercises only. It primarily evolved in gyms to help beginners adjust to fast and demanding workouts.

Ariel exercises are the same as mat yoga positions but are performed while being suspended on a sling or hammock. Both the variations are equivalent to any cardiovascular workout to improve flexibility, burn countable calories, and tone our body. The postures and asanas target various limbs and body parts for an overall full-body exercise.

Restorative yoga for healing

As the name suggests, this category includes all the relaxing postures using mats, pillows, and blankets to relax and rejuvenate the body. You can perform these asanas properly after a strenuous workout, a tiresome day, or even after a long run to cool down your body and muscles.

Yin yoga from China, Shavasana yoga(corpse pose), and Pranayama (breathing exercises) are popular choices every time. These sessions are also effective for physiotherapy under guidance to restore the ailing limbs with flexibility.

Types Of Yoga You Can Try

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