Ways to Find Mindfulness through Yoga


The objective of yoga is to achieve mindfulness. But the word itself is scary, particularly if you suffer from anxiety or stress that limits mindfulness.

Here we give some fool-proof ways to achieve mindfulness at ease. Let’s first understand how yoga gives mindfulness.

Relationship between mindfulness and yoga

Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t consciously achieve mindfulness through yoga. Instead, yoga itself gives mindfulness as a result.

All you have to do is do your favorite yoga pose religiously. That itself will take you to the path of a calm and serene mind.

Don’t believe me? Here’s how.

Clean breath

Pranayama, or the regulation of breath, cleanses our bodies. Any meditative technique using the five elements of nature gives an immense amount of clean energy. You can meditate on the ground, near a lit candle, use singing bowls or do any meditation you like.

All these are forms of pranayama, letting you notice your breath. During meditation, you don’t always have to notice your breath actively. Eventually, you calm down during the process, and that itself gives results.

Yoga poses

You can choose to be static doing Savasana or strain with Vrikshasana. The result is achieving mindfulness along with the individual benefits of each pose.

But to achieve mindfulness through these poses, you must do them. As you start doing them, you will notice your body touching the surface under first. Then you will notice the touch of your body parts depending on the pose. This touch will bring your focus to the moving body part. For example, if the surface you are doing yoga on is cold or hot, you will first notice the temperature difference.

These focal points will gradually move to the adjacent body parts. Through these steps, you will gain mindfulness through physical yoga poses.

Calming the erratic mind

As you gain control over your body parts, you will start focusing on your mind. If it is too loud, it might alarm you. First, know that it is normal. Tell yourself that it is okay to have confusing thoughts.

Here, people suffering from extreme stress or mental disorders might fret more. Let your thoughts run through you. Tell yourself you are here whenever a thought shocks you or cause fear, and yoga will help you. You cannot be successful on the first attempt, but you will be eventually.


Final step

As you keep practicing, you will notice a drop in intrusive thoughts. This change might take days or even weeks. Consistency is the key here. Once you notice the difference, you won’t give up.

Mindfulness achieved through yoga will feel like peace. You will feel calm inside, and everything around you will be calmer. Even a strenuous physical activity will give joy.

While mindfulness is the sense of being aware of oneself and others, there are other benefits to achieve alongside being in the present. After mindfulness comes bliss.

Meditation done as a part of yoga can give benefits more enjoyable, such as levitation. Experience that, too, and you will keep coming back for more.

Ways to Find Mindfulness through Yoga

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