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Types Of Yoga You Can Try

Yoga hails from the ancient Indian practices dating over 5000 years ago. Yoga in centers or through online sessions is now available for different variations and combinations to choose suitable workouts for all. Check ahead the different yoga variations currently in practice to choose your suitable style. Meditation for a stress-free life The simplest yet […]

What is Ashtanga Yoga? A beginner’s Guide to How to Practice

Ashtanga Yoga, an ancient practice, is considered one of the most challenging types of yoga that have been practiced for decades. However, this strenuous form of yoga is one of the best ways to learn about your mental and physical strength and understand yoga at deeper levels. Even though Ashtanga is referenced around 200 to […]

5 Outstanding Yoga Poses for your Health

Yoga is an exhilaration for both physical and mental Health that has helped thousands of people maintain their physical and psychological well-being over the years. The benefits of yoga can be reaped by everyone, irrespective of age and gender. So even though you’re not a seasonal yoga practitioner, you can still get started with some […]

How Yoga Became a Must Pandemic Companion for All?

A sudden pandemic and a series of lockdowns have taken more toll on our mental health than the so-feared virus attack. Away from social life, family time, and traveling freedom, we all have faced quite a trauma and depression in solitude. If you aren’t aware, yoga has been one of the faithful companions that helped […]

How To Tweak Yoga in Your Routine When You Have No Time?

Has your work life disrupted your leisure? Don’t you find enough time to spend on physical activities? If you find yourself busy and burned-out every time, here are a few tips to include yoga in your routine to change your lifestyle. You don’t need to take out a mat and start a dedicated session but […]

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